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Best marketing tool for advertisting -Agencies

our marketing tool especially works with bulk SMS/voice call/email and social media. These tools can provide a decent impact on your advertising agencies. and try our marketing tool to expand your mobile/email/social marketing services. . all Marketing tools are available at a very low cost , and it's very easy to use. add on this your mobile marketing portfolio boost your advertising services . So if you like to promote your advertising agency with our marketing tools , you can try our free demo.

Start your mobile advertising services and expand your advertising services portfolio and enhance your mobile marketing services with these efficient marketing tools. Try CloudGateway marketing tools for your advertising services .


Get started To Promote Your Business And Services With Bulk SMS /Voice Calls /Email & Social Media Marketing Tools. And Get Some Free Credits 👇


Transactional SMS

Transactional route can only be used for sending transactional SMS such as OTPs and alerts to your registered users. Messages can be sent 24x7 from your 6-character Sender ID(s). To configure is the transactional route, create your account today and Get An Free Demo .

Promotional SMS

Configured by default for all new accounts, promotional SMS is the generally used for sending any offers or promotions to new and a existing customers. Messages are sent to non DND numbers and of opt-in numbers (via myDND Manager) between 9 AM and 9 PM at time this slots only.


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